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Volume 5 Issue 2


A simple SSM model for predicting the performance of maize crop in Khash region

Maryam Shahriari, Ahmad Mehraban and Elias Soltani

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):780-784

Keywords: Corn, Crop models, Simulations, SSM Models


Agronomic traits of forage maize (Zea mays L.) as influenced by zeolite application and spraying of nano-fertilizers

Sorour Saedpanah, Khosro Mohammadi and Mohsen Javaheri

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):785-791

Keywords: Iron, nano-fertilizer, potassium, zeolite, zinc


Evaluating population growth and distribution and its relationship to the physical development of Zahedan

Mahmoud Reza Anvari, Maryam Karimian Bostani and Abdolali Purkeykhay

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):792-800

Keywords: Growth and distribution of population, Holdren Model, Moran coefficient, Zahedan


Effect of color of educational spaces on learning and students' satisfaction in Iran (Case study: Andish Negar Mehrgan educational complex in Isfahan)

Seyed Mehdi Amirkiaei, Mehrpouya Sami Khaftani and Parisa Sami Khaftani

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):801-809

Keywords: Educational spaces, Color, Environmental psychology, Architectural design


New perspective on subsistence ethics: criticism on the fishery development in Indonesia

Susilo E and Purwanti P

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):810-819

Keywords: Subsistence ethics, coastal fisheries, sustainable development, fishery policy


Factors associated with stunting among children aged 0-24 months in Kecupak, Pakpak Bharat district, North Sumatra: a case-control study

Donal Nababan, Rizabuana, Evawani Aritonang and Wirsal Hasan

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):820-829

Keywords: Stunting, factors, Kecupak


Effect of thyme (Zataria multiflora) extract and probiotic (Broilact) feeding on IGF-I, IGF-II and IGF- I R gene expression of liver in broiler chickens

Ali Motamedi Motlagh, Vahab Babapour, Zarbakht Ansari Pirsaraei and Nariman Sheikhi

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):830-837

Keywords: IGF- I gene expression, Probiotic, Thyme extract, Broiler


Land Suitability Analysis (LSA) based on fuzzy logic for prioritization of candidate sites for waste management

Azizi Z and Salehi Y 

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2): 838-848

Keywords: Landfill, Site Selection, GIS, Fuzzy, Ghorveh


Investigation of gated communities in Tehran city

Sara Kalantari, Mojtaba Rafieian, Aref Aghasafari and Hossein Kalantari Khalil Abad 

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2): 849-858

Keywords: Gated communities, Tehran city, Utopian gated communities, Urban community


Assessing the impact of environmental accidents and drought on the economy of fishery (case study: Iranian whitefish)

Azadeh Shahbazian and Yaghoub Zeraatkish

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2): 859-866

Keywords: Whitefish, Drought, Environmental accidents, Fishery economy


Depiction of δ toxin producing Staphylococcus epidermidis in stored frozen Channa punctata

Raghupathy Rekha, Velu Vijay and Uthandakalaipandian Ramesh

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):867-874

Keywords: Household frozen fish, δ toxin, Biofilm production


Agro-tourism: A new approach in the use of natural attractions and rural development (Case study: Tamandan village)

Aboubakr Kord, Mahmoud Reza Anvari and Abolfazl Barahouei Nezhad 

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):875-887

Keywords: Agro-tourism, Tourism, Rural development, Tamandan village, Khash


The study of social capital and its impact on the development of urban areas (case study: Zahedan city)

Masoumeh Hafez Rezazadeh 

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):888-894

Keywords: Social capital, Urban development, Regions, Zahedan


Characterization of zeolite or carbon nanotube composite prepared by hydrothermal method

Babaei M, Anbia M and Kazemipour M

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):895-900

Keywords: Carbon nano tube, composite, zeolite


Biology and bioecology of Nidularia balachowskii Bodenheimer (Hem: Coccoidea: Kermesidae) scale insect in Quercus sp oak trees: Chalabeh region, Kermanshah  

Nehrangi H and Vahedi HA

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):901-913

Keywords: Acorn, Biology, Population, Nidularia, Scale insects


Evaluation of drought tolerance in barley doubled haploid lines using drought tolerance indices

Mojgan Mahbubi, Ali Khomari and Ramin Belali

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):914-924

Keywords: Cluster analysis, drought tolerance indices, doubled haploid lines


Antioxidant enzymes functions of Vetiveria zizianoides during the absorption of cadmium in soil  

Azhir Khalil Aria, Hossein Abbaspour, Sekineh Saeidi Sar and Mohsen Dehghani Ghanatghestani

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):925-937

Keywords: Cadmium, Anti-oxidant enzymes, Vetiveria zizianoides


Investigation of arching phenomenon in earth dams using Geo-Studio model (Case study: Safarood dam)

Mahtab Faramarzpour and Mohsen Irandoust

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):938-947

Keywords: Analysis of seepage, earth dam, stress-strain analysis, arching, hydraulic fracturing, SEEP/W and SIGMA/W


Evaluation of adaptability in bread wheat genotypes under dryland conditions in tropical and subtropical locations

Hassan Khanzadeh, Ali Akbar Asadi, Mohtasham Mohammadi, Hassan Ghojogh, Tahmasb Hosseinpur and Mohammad Armiyun

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):948-957

Keywords: AMMI analysis, Rainfed condition, Stability


Morphoradiation calculation and analysis: Case study-Bazman mountain-South East of Iran 

Abdollah Seif, Shahnaz Judaki and Sina Solhi

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):958-974

Keywords: Radiation, Bazman mountain, Digital elevation model, Modeling


Evaluation of effective strategies to improve the management and exploit of irrigation networks (Case study: Miandoab Plain)

Soleiman Rasouliazar, Ramin Shadkam and Loghman Rashidpour

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):975-985

Keywords: Strategy, irrigation network, Miandoab                        


Development assessment of cities using Fuzzy AHP (Case study: Sistan and Baluchestan, Iran) 

Mahmoud Reza Anvari, Mahnaz Jamshidzehi Dejengi, Mohammd Akram Jamshidzehi and Mohammad Karim Raeesi

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):986-995

Keywords:Utilization Coefficient, Development, F-AHP Model, Sistan and Baluchestan province


An Analysis of criteria for urban land use location problem (Case study: Gas stations of five municipal Districts, Zahedan, Iran)

Masoumeh Hafez Rezazadeh, Mohammd Akram Jamshidzehi, Hassan Azizi Bohlouli, Erfan Kadkhodazadeh and Mahnaz Jamshidzehi Dejengi

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):996-1005

Keywords: Gas stations, compatibility, utility, capacity, Zahedan


Ecofeminism thoughts: The effective analysis based on mother archetype

Hasti Ghaderi Sohi and Mehyar Alavi Moghadam 

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1006-1011

Keywords: Ecofeminism, ecology, mother archetype, Jung, archetype, woman


Strategic intervention in the old texture of Naein according to the modern urbanization theories based on AHP-SWOT

Hadi Javdan Naeini and Naghmeh Alizad Gohari

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1012-1025

Keywords: Intervention, old texture, modern urbanization theories, Naein, AHP-SWOT


Factors affecting population stability in rural settlements (Case study: Chenaran, Iran)

Hashem Jangi, Hamid Jafari and Mohammad Ali Ahmadian 

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1026-1032

Keywords: Population stability, rural settlements, migration motivations, Chenaran, Iran


The effect of mycorrhizal inoculation (Glomus mosseae) and brassinosteroid on the amount of antioxidants in Pimpinella anisum l. under cadmium stress

Sepideh Hajbagheri, Hosein Abbaspour, Shekoofeh Enteshari, Saeed Habibollahi and Alireza Iranbakhsh

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1033-1051

Keywords: Glomus mosseae, brassinosteroid, cadmium chloride, Pimpinella anisum


Accumulation of dry matter and nitrogen in the shoots of maize (Zea mays L.) and nitrogen leaching as affected by organic and chemical nitrogen fertilizers in Guilan province

Elham Gholami Deljomanesh, Ebrahim Fataei, Alireza Ghodrati and Marefat Mostafavi Rad

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1052-1059 

Keywords: Food security, Nitrate Leaching , Accumulation of Nitrate, Maize, Nitrogen Fertilizer


Study of facies and sedimentary environments of upper Devonian and carboniferous deposits in Abadeh area, Fars province, Iran

Masoumeh Shirzad, Ghodratollah Mohammadi and Kazem Shabani Gorgi

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2): 1060-1085

Keywords: Abadeh, sedimentational environment, facies, facies groups


Factors affecting the attitude of farmers towards acceptance of pressurized irrigation systems (Case study: West Azerbaijan Province) 

Sadegh Shadkam, Soleiman Rasouliazar and Loghman Rashidpour

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2): 1086-1094

Keywords: Analysis, attitude, farmers, pressurized irrigation, West Azerbaijan Province 


Evaluation of environmental factors on essential oil and forage value of Cymbopogon olivieri

Azadeh Afrigan, Hossein Azarnivand, Fatemeh Sefidkon, Mohammad Jafari and Mohammad Ali Zare Chahouki

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1095-1112

Keywords: Cymbopogon olivieri, essential oil, forage value  


Trend and change point analysis of temperature in west of Iran

Ramin Beedel

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1113-1140

Keywords: Change point, Cumulative sum, Kermanshah, Mean temperature, Oak dieback, Trend analysis


Determination of the toxicity of methanol extraction of red betel leaves (Piper crocatum Ruiz & Pav) on African sharp tooth catfish (Clarias gariepinus)

Afandi Saputra and Septyan Andriyanto

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1141-1147

Keywords: Clarias gariepinus, LC50, Piper crocatum, tannin 


Determination of intraspecific and interspecific competition of different varieties of wheat (Triticum aestivum) and weeds in the area of Gilavand

Kianoush Shirmohammadi, Ali Ghanbari, Mehdi Rastgoo, Eskandar Zand and Mohammed Ali Baghestani Maybodi

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1148-1155

Keywords: Components of performance, competition, wheat, performance, weeds  


Variation analysis of phonological traits in the potatoes of Iran

Bahram Dehdar, Jaber Panahandeh and Alireza Motallebi Azar

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1156-1165

Keywords: GCA, potato, physiological traits, SCA


Designing piles in soils with liquefaction capability - A Mini Review

Siamak Shafaghatian

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1166-1176

Keywords: Liquefaction, pile, modeling, earthquake


Soil water content simulation under different irrigation and nitrogen strategies using Aquacrop model 

Sayyed Mohammad Javad Mirzaei, Mojtaba Khoshravesh, Ali-Reza Kiani and Reza Norooz Valashedi

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1177-1190

Keywords: Soil moisture contents, Evapotranspiration, Deficit irrigation, Water use efficiency, Soybeans


Tribal housing structures analysis in Balochistan of Iran

Kiana Maleki Shoja and Mojgan Aminravan

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2): 1192-1198

Keywords: Tribal houses, Compatibility, Balochistan, Iran.


Fortresses and castles of the first millennium BC on the southern part of lake Urmia, Iran

Mamash Amir Ashayeri and Halgourd Rasouli Dehbokri

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1199-1207

Keywords: Northwest of Iran, Urartu, Manna, Castle


Tree neighbourhood effect on the growth and production of nutmeg (Myristica fragrans Houtt) in Ternate Island, Indonesia

Tjokrodiningrat S, Ashari S, Syekhfani S and Aini N

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1208-1220

Keywords: Tree neighbourhood, Nutmeg production, Ternate Island


Influence of temperature, concentration and volume of serum on alternative complement pathway activity in European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis)

Azadeh Yektaseresht, Amin Gholamhosseini and Ali Janparvar

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1221-1226

Keywords: Emys orbicularis, serum, complement, reptilian, innate immunity


Investigating the temporal, spatial, and changing trend of distribution of atmospheric air pollution emissions using GIS in Tehran

Shima Fallah Araghi, Ali Asghar Alesheikh and Saeed Behzadi

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1227-1248

Keywords: Air pollution, AQI, Tehran Metropolis, Spatial and environmental analysis


Investigation and study of fiber extraction in date kernel

Mohammad Nabi, Seyed Hadi Razavi, Sara Namayandeh and Zahra Emam-djomeh

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1249-1254

Keywords: Fiber, Date kernel, Extraction, Rabi dates


Antibacterial potential of the symbiont red algae Eucheuma cottonii originated from Banten Bay Waters, Indonesia

Muftihah A, Dharmayanti N, Nurbani SZ, Salampessy RBS, Siregar AN, Permadi A and Sipahutar J

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1255-1263

Keywords: Euchuema cottonii, Symbiont bacteria, Antibacterial activity


Evaluation and selection of wheat genotypes under terminal drought stress

Fazlollah Hassani, Saadollah Houshmand, Fariba Rafiei and Ali Niazi

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1264-1275

Keywords: Drought tolerance after anthesis, Grain yield, Susceptibility indices, Wheat


Design of a correction and rehabilitation center in Ardabil focusing on teen security

Elmira Khanghahi Bala and Javad Javan Majidi

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1276-1290

Keywords: Adolescent, Correction and rehabilitation center, Sense of security


Evaluation of some indigenous plant extract for the management of Sitophilus oryzae L. Coleoptera: Curculionidae 

Shahbaz Ahmad M, Usman Haider, Samreen Gul, Nagina Hanif, Aqsa Azeem, Shahid Nadeem, Said Salman, Ali Bakhsh and Qurban Ali

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1291-1297

Keywords: Extract, Indigenous plant, Management, Sitophilus oryzae


Sari city hall square design with an emphasis on creating a pedestrian area in the commercial - administrative part of the city

Roja Nikpey and Shaghayegh Nikpey

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1298-1321

Keywords: Urban design, Square, Pedestrian, Social interaction 


The challenges of Agricultural Education and Training institutes (AET) for preparing the student population for manufacturing jobs in agricultural system of food products

Baharak Azizi

Journal of Research in Ecology (2017) 5(2):1322-1329

Keywords: AET, Challenge, Experimental learning, Entrepreneurship

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