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Peer Review Policy 

For authors / readers

           All papers submitted to Journal of Research in Ecology will be subjected to the peer review process. The editors may dispose of a few manuscripts from the outright because of poor quality or disadjustment with the journal’s scope.

            Considering in thought it subjects, the manuscripts passing this primary screening will be dispatched to a board of referees associated with those research fields. They can be either external or individuals from the Advisory Board, however dependably picked by their perceived expertise. Each manuscript will be surveyed by two reviewers.

            After assessment, the referees will deliver reports about the works inspected, by which the papers can be

            a) accepted with modifications or revisions;

            b) accepted as they are or;

            c) rejected from the begin.

            In the event that the papers proposed are accepted yet, the editors will send the manuscripts to the authors, together with the reviewer’s reports and all the, suggestions and remarks made by him/her.

            To secure impartiality amid the review procedure, all manuscripts, as dispatched to the reviewers, will be confidential. In addition, the reviewer’s information won't be known, either by whatever is left of the assessment board, or by the authors.

            An ultimate conclusion concerning the publication of papers is with the Editor in Chief, having the reviewer’s - a consultative part.

List of Reviews we conduct

Peer review

Quality of the text

Scientific standards

Technical errors


Ethical checkup

Reference correction

English correction

Subject level correction

Calculation and value checkup

Qualitative errors and futuristic check up

Conflicts check up

For more details refer to the COPE website


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