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Statement of Informed Consent

           Respondents have a privilege to keep privacy that ought not be disregarded without the informed consent. Recognizing data, including names, initials, or ethical numbers, may not be published in the composed written descriptions, photos, or pedigrees unless the data is necessary for scientific purpose and the respondents give written on the informed consent for publication. Informed consent for this reason requires that an identifiable respondent be demonstrated the manuscript to be published. Authors should reveal to these respondents whether any potential identifiable material may be accessible through the Internet and additionally in print after publication. Consent of patients (incase) / respondents (if needed) must be written and documented with the journal, the authors, or both, as directed by local regulations or laws of the country of the author. Laws applicable in each area and the journal policies govern the informed consent with legitimate guidance. Since the journal knows about respondents identity, a few authors may choose that respondents privacy is better protected by having the author archive, the consent and sign an agreement with the journal that authenticates that they have obtained and filed written respondents consent.

Unnecessary identifying details must be excluded. Informed consent must be acquired if there is any uncertainty that anonymity can be kept up. For instance, covering the eye portion in photos of patients / respondents is a deficient insurance of anonymity. On the off chance that identifying attributes are de-distinguished, authors must give confirmation, and editors of our journal take note, that such changes don't mutilate scientific importance.

Refer Guidelines to Authors

The prerequisite for informed consent is incorporated into the Journal’s guidelines for authors. At the point when informed consent has been received, it will be shown in the published article. 

Guidelines to Authors

"If you don't own the text then don't use it as such. Get permission prior to its usage"

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