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List of Editors in Journal of Research in Ecology

Chief Editor:

Dr. D. Abiya Chelliah [Molecular Biology]
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Research in Ecology.
Managing Editor:

Dr. J. Jeya Sheela [Microbiology]
Managing Editor, Journal of Research in Ecology.

Ediorial Board members:

Dr. Sanjay M. Dave
[Ornithology And Ecology]

Hem. North Gujarat University.

Dr. Peroth Balakrishnan
[conservation biology]
N.S.S. College, India

Dennis Masaka
Great Zimbabwe University.

Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Shah
[Molecular Ecology]  
University of Kashmir.

Mirza Hasanuzzaman
[Agronomy, Plant Stress Responses]
Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University.

Dr. Erkan kalipci
[Environmental Engineering]
Selcuk University, 

Dr. Sadanand Mallappa
 [Yamakanamardi. microbial ecology]
University of Mysore. 

Dr. Ana Leahu
[Analytical chemistry]
Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava.

Sarva Mangala Praveena
 [Environmental Chemistry]
 Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Dr. Naihao Ye
Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute,
Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, P.R.China.

Dr. Pankaj Sah
[Plant Ecology]
Higher College of Technology (HCT), Muscat

Dr. Satish Ambadas Bhalerao 
 [Environmental Botany, Applied Agriculture]
Wilson College, U.S.A

Dr. Fabiana Lía Capitanio     
[Ecological studies]
Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina.

Dr. K.V.L.N.Acharyulu     
[Mathematical Ecology and Mathematical Modeling]
Bapatla Engineering College, Bapatla

Dr. Hasan S.A. Jawad

[Agricultural Faculty]
Department of Animal Production,

University of Baghdad, Iraq


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