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Current Issue - Volume 6 Issue 1


Solar energy in architectural design of a hotel

Afsaneh Amraei and Afshin Ghorbani Param 

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(1):1330-1337

Keywords: Solar energy, Hotel design, Alternative energy


Investigating the use of date kernel fiber in flat-breads and bulk-breads

Mohammad Nabi, Seyed Hadi Razavi, Zahra Emam-djomeh and Sara Namayandeh

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(1):1338-1347

Keywords: TPA test, Hardness, Fiber, Date kernel, Bulk breads


Distinguishing between civil liability and environmental damage liability

Mehrzad Jamshidi, Mansour Pournouri and Seyed Abbas Poorhashemi

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(1):1348-1362

Keywords: Environment, Liability, Civil, Damage, Responsibility, Intrinsic responsibility


Environmental protection of Caspian Sea and its role on the regional and international security - an overview

Alireza Naghizadeh, Parvin Farshchi, Daryoush Karimi and Seyyed Bagher Mirabbasi

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(1):1363-1371

Keywords: Caspian sea, Environmental protection, Sustainable development, Collective security


The determination of crude protein degradation of fruit and vegetable wastes using different mathematical models

Mahmood Hamedi

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(1):1372-1376

Keywords: Carrot wastes, Vegetable wastes, Crude protein


Application of botanical foliar spray on the control of fungal diseases of Vigna radiata (mung bean) in Uyo, South-South Nigeria

Akpan EA and Andrew DE 

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(1):1377-1383

Keywords: Mung bean, Plant extracts, Diseases, Botanicals, Antifungal activity


Factors affecting the quality of rice seeds produced in selected seed farms in Talavera, Nueva Ecija in the Philippines

Eric G. Claudion, Virginia A. Leandro and Arneil G. Gabriel 

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(1):1384-1399

Keywords: Seed farms, Agriculture, Rice production, Seed quality, Seed producers


Variability analysis of lime (Citrus sp) genotypes using morphological markers in the south of Iran

Samaneh Raheb, Mahmoud Ghasemnezhad, Behrouz Golein, Morteza Golmohammadi and Atefeh Sabouri

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(1):1400-1411

Keywords: Acid lime, Breeding program, Cluster analysis, Diversity


Assessing the sustainability of agricultural water management of Upper Pampanga River Integrated Irrigation System (UPRIIS) in Nueva Ecija in the Philippines

Rhea M. Villacorte, Cesar S. Ariola, Gervin S. Tandingan and Arneil G. Gabriel

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(1):1412-1425

Keywords: Assessing irrigation management, Sustainable management of agricultural water, Agricultural productivity, Organization and management, Farmer’ satisfaction survey


Smart systems for energy consumption management in green buildings and its economic evaluation in Iran

Saeid Khoshniyyat, Azad Saeidi and Saadi Alizadeh

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(1):1426-1436

Keywords: Smart control system, Green building, Energy, Residential architecture


The family farming in the Ouargla region of Algerian Sahara

Boumadda Abdelbasset, Senoussi Abdelhakim, Dadda Moussa Mohamed Lakhdar, Slim Roqaya, Merabet Aziza and Belaaroussi Med Hafed

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(1):1437-1444

Keywords: Algeria, Family animal husbandry, Oasian farms, Sahara, Typology


Agricultural dynamics of Saharan oasis and its influence on agro-biodiversity: Case study of palm date farms in Ouargla (Algeria)

Belaroussi Med El Hafed, Halilat Med El Tahar, Dadamoussa Med Akhdar L, Idder Med Azzedine, Idder-Ighili Hakima , Boualala Med and Boummada Abd-Elbasset

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(1):1445-1455

Keywords: Cultivars, Erosion, Farming systems, Local seeds, Knowledge


Antimicrobial activity of garlic oil bonded to polypropylene 

Mario Abesamis M, Danilet Vi Mendoza M and Arneil Gabriel G

Journal of Research in Ecology (2018) 6(1):1456-1461

Keywords: Antimicrobial activity, Garlic oil, Polypropylene, Antimicrobial packaging

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